Hopeful for the future – about the story of a young man who had to flee

Aozan had to flee Syria with his family when he was 15 years old and has lived in Austria for 4 years. His story contradicts any prejudice. He gives us insight into what it means to have to flee the war and what it was like for him to have a chance at a second home.

You’re ok as you are! (It gets better)

The need for identity is defined by M. Max-Neef as one of the essential human needs. Although there are several elements that build our identity, individual elements can be given more priority at different stages of life. When parts of one’s own identity or group identity are experienced as threatened, we tend to summarize our entire identity in this single aspect. If a person feels threatened by external influences in his identity, sometimes a simple “you are ok, as you are” can work wonders!

“The Small Town Farm” – an eco-social pilot project for a common future in peace

“The Small City Farm” is one of the many civil society initiatives and movements in the world that are eco-socially organized. Its principles are essentially diversity, networking and exchange; democratic and collective action; make a good life possible for all equally and protect natural resources and all life.

Return to a New Life – An IS Returner Tells (DERAD)

A young man gives an insight into his life, how he joined ISIS at the age of 16 and what helped him get out.

Civil Courage – If you don’t, no one does! (ZARA)

Have you ever witnessed a situation in which a person has been degraded because of his or her skin colour, origin or religion? Have you ever been subjected to racist hostility yourself? Learn what civil courage is and what you can do about racial discrimination!

Right-wing extremism – Root cause research and prevention (DÖW)

What makes people join racist and extremist ideologies? How does right-wing extremism exploit a community’s conflicts of interest for its purposes? What are the differences between right-wing populism and neo-Nazism? How can prejudice and extremism be prevented in a preventive manner? Right-wing extremism expert Andreas Peham from the “Documentation Archive of the Austrian Resistance” clarifies.

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